You vs New

Its hard, when you thought the person who promised everything for you, is now promising it again to someone else.

Moving on.

Yes, okay, lets move on. There’s more out there. I will let myself forget you, and accept you’re not mine anymore, but I won’t forget my promises to you. And all the stuffs you told me. And the stuffs we promised.

As long as you’re happy..
I’ll be happy for you too.

#monumentour 7.29

#monumentour 7.29


First tattoo.
Paramore saves my life for so so many years. I used this quote for me to remind that everything’s gonna be alright. And I need to stop cutting. And be good to myself.

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I think you need to move on. Yes you did your best to keep the relationship strong but did she make the same efforts as you? If she's truly happy with who she's with then you need to move on and take care of yourself.


I think yeah, I need to move on now. I know its gonna take a while but yeah, in no time I’ll be fine. Thank you so much. 

Effort & time.

There’s a lot of requirements when you are in a relationship, especially when you’re in a long distance relationship. Here’s my story.

I have met this girl here at tumblr, and it was the best fairytale I have ever had. She had done everything that any boy cannot do to me. Our 1st year together was the very perfect year of my life, she made me feel like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world, she is my happiness. Until the day she proposed to me, and I am very very very happy, and I locked myself to her since then. Until my mom had to bring me to America to migrate. Thats the hardest part of my life, i left her at the Philippines, with my Dad and the rest of the family, imaging how hard it would be for me to cope up, but since then, I promised to her and to myself that even though I’m far away, I’m all the way half of the earth, she’s still the one I will love no matter what. And that’s what I did. In my 2 years in US, i never think about MY future.. Maybe I did, a little, but all I think is about OUR future together. I worked hard, so I can save some money, so I can go back to the Philippines and see her..

But this year was the most upsetting year for us, we fight a lot. We broke up a lot, we keep on hurting each others, maybe we are weak? I don’t think so. Maybe we are strong, because for almost half a year we are still trying, until one day, maybe she gets tired of me, I don’t have any attention to her anymore, and time and effort I guess.

I have a job at the airport, starbucks, i have a crush at my co-worker. And he liked me back, but mind you, even though he wants to court me, I didn’t even say yes, its overwhelming yes, but I know who I want. And all I can think is “I’m engaged,& i love her” and I ignore him. I did not entertain him, because pf the fact that no matter how many people will do that, there’s only one person that I will choose.

In this story; its not all about me. I won’t drag all what I did. But this is reality, in my 2 years in US, I have all the opportunities I can have to settle for MY future, I applied for the navy, I got in, but for the bootcamp? I rejected it. Because I think of her, I’m already away from here, and I won’t let it be more harder for us. I have double jobs, to save money to go back to the Philippines, to see her. And mind you my dad and the rest of my family is back there too, but all I can think is, I’m excited to see her. And this my favorite; even though Virginia is not yet approve for the gay marriage, I booked our wedding & everything. Wedding rings, photographer, pre-nuptial photoshoot, and such, its not that big wedding, I just want to marry her, because I am engaged for almost 3 years now, and I don’t mind it. Because I want to get her last name already. And then I got busy, i do have time for her, but not like when we we’re in the same spot of the world. We have a 12 hrs time difference, its hard to cope which one of us will sleep early or wake early, ldr? Sacrifices is a must. I did, we both did our best, until I forgot how to take care of my own future, my own self, i became selfish for the both us, i did not think about me and my family, because she’s my world, she all that I need, she sees me when my family don’t. It revolves around her even though I don’t show it that much to her, because I know she knows it. She had all the time in the world to me, she have a med school, and social life. i know how hard is going to med school, because I’m a nursing student. And she have all the time to make effort and such, and I don’t because america is a very big difference to Philippines. If you’re still with me you will notice that she has no stuffs to do but with med school and me. And then one day, she got so fed up, i guess. Waiting for me to do efforts and give her time. There’s a girl who’s fulfilling all my absences. Which hurts me so much. (Typing this part is hard) while me, thinking about our future together, and she, was looking for my effort and time and found it to the other person. Every people I told about this told me the same things “you have all the efforts in the worlds, she just don’t see it because you’re doing it here” “she can’t say that she sees it if she don’t literally see it” which makes sense to me. Because I’m far, its because I’m away from her. She told me that its easy to make her happy, i knew that. I am her girl since oct, 12. 2011. And someone is making her happy now, look, this might be a pathetic move but you know, We all know that when you love someone, you have to let them go, well excuse me, i never want that motto, because I believe when you love someone you are willing to give everything just to win them back, and it because you know they are worth of every pain and every sacrifices. If you might ask, I’m still chasing this girl. Even though it hurts to know she’s happy with that person, but its okay, i never stopped giving her effort and my time. Its just, she just needs me. And I know that. This is how much I love this girl, she means the whole world to me. I never stop talking and bragging about her in every people I knew here. And I’m happy, because i love her. And she’s important to me.. No matter how painful it to share someone you love, with other. Is very painful. I just want to tell everybody that I love her to death and I’m still willing to try it over and over again, and try to win her back. She will always be my forever and forever. And I’m gonna be forever engaged to this person, no matter how painful. And oh, her name is Eddiena “dien” Agustin. She’s still revolving around me. I want to tell to the person that how much she means to me while we are talking, but, its awkward so let me just put it here. :-) i love you so much, its so painful what I’m doing but, i won’t regret it. I’m still gonna do everything just to make you, maybe one day, come back to me? Or i don’t know. All I know right now is i want you back. Ps. For those people, who I handed out a starbucks pick of the week with this link, I’m sorry. I hope you did not regret reading this. I’m Joanna, your starbucks barista at Norfolk International Airport. 😊 If you read this, please message me. For thoughts and comments. Haha. Just in case.. Facebook: joanna rose santana Thank you so much. :-)

Masakit eh. Sobrang sakit. Yung nagtry ako pero yun pala, ayaw na nya. Simula pa lang ng pagtatatry ko. No hard feelings oo, kase importante ka eh. Kaya okay lang ako. Pero masakit kase, alam ko na may ibang tao ng nagpapasaya sayo.



Hayley Williams goes Hardcore (Screamo in Here We Go Again Outro) 


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Female Gamers


Female Gamers

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